Do you have an extraction system you need cleaning? Referring in to TR/19 standards each extraction system needs cleaning by professional accredited cleaners at least once a year based on the amount of usage the system takes. We are fully BESA accredited along with CHAS, Safe Contractor and Constructionline.  We are market leaders for the […]

Hy5 provides a specialist deep cleaning service that can help you get a 5-star rating for scores on the doors. If you want a free, no obligation quote call us today at 01229 588556 to get in touch with one of our HVAC specialists. If you are the owner of a pub, restaurant or cafe, […]

High cleaning is among the more challenging kinds of cleaning that many workspaces and public buildings have to contend with. Unlike other kinds of challenging cleaning, the difficulty lies not so much in removing the dirt and grime in question, but simply in safely and effectively reaching the necessary level of elevation. This requires specialist […]

A contract cleaning service needs to be thorough and reliable in order to maintain the standards of cleanliness and hygiene that many workplaces need. Many companies rely on cleaning not just to keep the working environment pleasant, but to healthy, safe, and free from legal liabilities. As such, when looking for any cleaning company, and […]

Industrial workplaces have a way of getting dirtier than most if you don’t manage to keep on top of it, and that’s why good-quality industrial cleaning services are so important. The nature of many industrial environments also require specialist or particularly intensive cleaning services, making the cleaning company that offers a thorough approach and a […]

Deep cleaning of ducting in fish and chip shops is very important. This is not just because of concerns about cleanliness and hygiene, but also for ensuring that proper ventilation and in order to prevent serious safety hazards. While this is true for all catering businesses, it is particularly important for fish and chip shops. […]

Carpet cleaning is an often-neglected and seriously under-appreciated service. It is important for both commercial premises and ordinary homes, and subjecting your carpets to a thorough, professional deep clean now and again has a number of very real and definite benefits. The Need for Carpet Deep Cleaning Sometimes there are specific reasons to have a […]

Ships and boats need to be kept clean just like buildings. In many other ways, though, they are definitely not like buildings and they also have to contend with constant exposure to the water – often salt water – and to all weather conditions. This means that boats and ships present some unique and difficult […]

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and the Law There are few industries where cleanliness is so important as in food service and catering. Because of the high level of risk that poor practices and contamination pose to customers where food is concerned, the commercial kitchen is a workplace bound by an extensive and wide-ranging set of health […]

A Brief Guide to Getting Your Driveway Cleaned in Ulverston, Cumbria Driveway cleaning is among the more underused of domestic cleaning services, but the results can be truly amazing. It can make your driveway look almost like it has been freshly laid, and can really brighten up the outside appearance of your home. Why Get […]

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