In any commercial kitchen the extraction system is the biggest element at risk of fire.  Most kitchen fires originate in the extract system – grease is highly flammable and a fire inside the system can destroy an entire building within minutes.  It is the building owners or managers who are responsible to reduce this fire risk by using a BESA VHR accredited cleaning company.   Every extraction system needs fully cleaning (not just the canopy) at regular intervals stipulated by the grease micron readings taken at time of cleaning.  BESA VHR is an industry recognised standard which insurers require.

Why do I need my kitchen extraction system cleaned?

  1. Law – The fire safety reform act (2005) put the legal responsibility on the building owner or manager to reduce the fire hazards.
  2. Insurance – Your buildings insurance will only provide cover if industry best practice (BESA VHR TR19) can be proven.  BESCA report and certification provided.
  3. Cleaning – The only compliant clean is a full clean of the system – Canopy, Ducting, Filters and Fan.

An annual clean requires the grease micron reading to be below 200microns – this is 1/5th of a millimetre!

Our technicians are fully trained and certified to the required Grease Hygiene technician standard set out by BESCA.  Hy5 is also a fully audited member of the BESA VHR scheme

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