Deep cleaning of ducting in fish and chip shops is very important. This is not just because of concerns about cleanliness and hygiene, but also for ensuring that proper ventilation and in order to prevent serious safety hazards. While this is true for all catering businesses, it is particularly important for fish and chip shops. This is because the build-up of oil and grease that can form in ventilation systems is a huge factor in the need for cleaning, and oil is particularly prominent in a chip shop’s kitchen.

Reasons to Regularly Deep Clean Fish and Chip Shop Ducting

The first reason for fish and chip shops to ensure they properly and regularly deep clean their ducting is, quite simply, to remain compliant with the law. Duct cleaning has implications for hygiene and health and safety law, and failure to maintain acceptable standards can lead a business to fall afoul of laws that fall into these areas. You need to keep on top of your fish and chip shop ducting cleaning.

As is often the case, however, these laws are in place for a reason and there are several much more practical things to think about when considering the need to deep clean. Build-up of grease and grime in ducts can significantly reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of ventilation systems. This can prevent odours and, potentially, harmful fumes from being effectively removed from the kitchen. This can make it a less pleasant and potentially unsafe place in which to work.

Perhaps the biggest safety concern, however, stems from the fact that poorly-cleaned ducts can be a serious fire hazard. In the right conditions, the grease and oil that builds up in ducting can be ignited. This can help a small blaze to turn into a big one, and make it much easier for the fire to spread throughout the building and much harder for the fire to be put out again.

Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Because of this, it is important to have ducting deep cleaned and decreased regularly, especially in a fish and chip shop kitchen where oil is used extensively and in large quantities. Regular deep cleaning will prevent grease from building up to the point where it seriously hampers ventilation or prevents a major fire hazard.
Regular deep cleaning can also be cost-effective. Because poorly-cleaned ducting can be such a major fire hazard and help spread fire through a building, insurers may take deep cleaning into account when calculating your premiums. A certificate showing that a professional deep clean has been carried out in the past twelve months may mean a discount, as this decreases the level of risk that your policy has to protect you against.
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