High cleaning is among the more challenging kinds of cleaning that many workspaces and public buildings have to contend with. Unlike other kinds of challenging cleaning, the difficulty lies not so much in removing the dirt and grime in question, but simply in safely and effectively reaching the necessary level of elevation. This requires specialist equipment, rigorous safety precautions, and expert cleaning staff.

About High Cleaning

High cleaning is necessary for many industrial premises, particularly warehouses, along with various other places such as public or historic buildings. These kinds of structures often have high ceilings, and high-level structures such as lighting or racking systems, support structures, or even decorative features. Even when full-time cleaning staff operate in such areas, these high spaces and structures will usually be missed out and neglected because ordinary cleaning staff simply do not have the necessary equipment or training needed to reach these heights.
In the short-term this isn’t really a problem. In most cases, the fact that these areas are high-up, away from the bustle and foot-traffic of daily activity, means that they don’t get dirty very quickly. Over time, however, dust, dirt and grime will build up in high places and now and again they will really need to be cleaned. In some industrial settings, this happen more quickly and be more serious as grease, soot, and other substances may rise up and settle on high structures.
Of course, high cleaning is also often required on the outside of a building. Any but the shortest of buildings will need the attention of external building cleaners for high-level services from time to time whether that is for windows, gutters, or general grime on the roofs and walls.

Quality High Cleaning Services

Cleaning at height is specialist work, and potentially dangerous if not carried out carefully and correctly. Quality high-level cleaning services must be fully insured against the risks of these activities, and the cleaners who carry them out must be properly and thoroughly trained in good safety practices, and in the specific skills required and risks involved with cleaning in an elevated place.


Proper equipment is also needed, of course, and the question of what equipment is necessary depends very much on the job at hand. For lower heights, a simple ladder may suffice. In other cases, scaffolding, safety harnesses, or cherry pickers and similar machines may be needed. Alternatively, with the right equipment some high cleaning tasks may be able to be carried out without the cleaner personally operating at height, potentially reducing both risks and costs.
Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Ltd are warehouse cleaning specialists, and have the equipment and the skills needed to carry out all kinds of internal and external high cleaning tasks. With proper insurance, more than ten years experience in specialist commercial cleaning, and an extensive selection of equipment and tools, we can provide an efficient and effective service in a huge variety of circumstances UK-wide. For more information or to get a free no-obligation quote, please contact us to talk to an advisor on 01229 588 556.



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