Ships and boats need to be kept clean just like buildings. In many other ways, though, they are definitely not like buildings and they also have to contend with constant exposure to the water – often salt water – and to all weather conditions. This means that boats and ships present some unique and difficult cleaning challenges, and this can limit your options when it comes to choosing a cleaning service that will be truly effective.


The Importance of Ship Cleaning

Most ships serve as either workplaces or leisure facilities. The fact they are water-going instead of being a fixed site on land does not change the value of cleanliness. If people are working on the ship, then it is just as important for them to have a clean, pleasant, and appropriate workplace as anybody else. If it is a leisure vessel, whether a small private boat or a huge cruise ship, cleanliness is essential in maintaining an environment which is both pleasant and hygienic, and if this is not done then the ship will not be able to serve its purpose as a leisure vessel well at all.
Boats face all the same cleaning challenges as fixed premises, such as footfall, dust, and dirt. There are also other factors that influence the types and levels of cleaning that are necessary. These include the constant presence of water and, in most cases, salt as well as the high degree of exposure to the weather and the increased amount of exterior cleaning needed compared to a land structure. These factors all combine to help make regular cleaning of ships important if you want to maintain both the kind of environment it offers and, in the long-term, even structural integrity.

The Difficulties of Ship Deep Cleaning

Unfortunately, boat owners and operating companies have limited options when it comes to getting boats cleaned on even the most basic level. Most cleaning companies do not offer any specialist ship cleaning services, and there is only so much that non-specialist, everyday cleaning methods can achieve with all the unique challenges that boats present. Obtaining a thorough, professional, deep cleaning service for a ship can be very difficult and the available options can be extremely limited. This does not, however, mean that this is impossible.
The difficulties are further compounded by the fact that many leisure vessels utilise luxury fixtures, fittings and furnishings in order to provide the best possible leisure environment. Even where conventional cleaning methods will suffice, these can present a challenge. Finding methods that will provide effective cleaning without damaging the properties of luxury furnishings can be difficult and require specialist equipment and techniques, especially where a deep clean is necessary.
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