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If you are the owner of a pub, restaurant or cafe, you already know that running a business that offers food services can be very tricky. The laws and regulations for these types of businesses are very strict, especially when it comes to food safety. However, the laws and regulations do not only apply to the private sector. They also apply to schools, canteens, and other similar, government-owned businesses.

At the end of 2008, the Food Standards Agency implemented the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme throughout the UK. This allowed for a standardized publication of food hygiene ratings for all businesses that were operating in the food sector.

The introduction of the new regulations allowed for the start of a movement known as “scores on the doors”. Today, all premises that sell food are required to have a sticker on their door that informs all potential customers of the hygiene of their kitchens. Thanks to this new practice, everyone can check the hygiene ratings online or on-site.

Receiving Your Hygiene Rating

If you’re only just starting your new food business, you might not be familiar with the process of receiving the official hygiene rating. In order to receive an initial rating, your business premise must be inspected by an expert. A food safety officer is appointed by the local council from your area and works in close collaboration with the Food Standards Agency.

There are 3 essential elements that are checked:

  1. Hygienic handling of food – everything from storage, preparation, and cooking process is closely inspected to ensure hygiene standards are respected
  2. The condition of the building in which the business operates – structure integrity, layout, ventilation and other similar aspects are inspected in order to ensure that there are no factors that influence hygiene
  3. Food management – this final step is for the officer to be confident that the business owner enforces hygienic practices that will be kept after the food safety officer leaves

Once the food safety officer finishes his assessment, he will give a rating on a scale from 0 to 5. The lower the score, the higher the need and urgency for improvement. Unless your business scores a top mark, the food safety officer will inform you of everything that must be done in order to improve your ranking.


Improving or Keeping Your High Rating

Whether you’re still waiting for your initial assessment or want to improve your hygiene rating score, you will end up contracting a commercial cleaning company. There’s no doubt that the majority of lower ratings come from a lack of hygiene associated with lack of professional cleaning.

Hy5 Cleaning covers all of the North West of England, operating in Cumbria, Lancashire, Kendal, Windermere, Ulverston, and Barrow-in-Furness. The company has been providing professional commercial cleaning services for businesses for well over 10 years and is fully certified and accredited by the regulatory bodies of the UK.

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning can help you score a top mark or keep your high rating with services including, but not limited to: oven & cooker deep cleaning, fridge and freezer deep cleaning, cooker hood and extraction system deep cleaning. The cleaning of the extraction system is done according to the TR19 standard. Moreover, the company also offers restoration for buildings that were affected by flood or fire.

Remember, customers can view the scores on the doors and it is becoming an important factor when people choose where to eat. Don’t let your business down so call Hy5 today to see how you can get a top mark on scores on the doors. There’s no need to risk losing sales or going out of business when you can employ a company like Hy5 Commercial Cleaning.

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