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Industrial spaces are not like normal high traffic areas. Usually they are left unattended and they don’t receive the attention that other areas do when it comes to regular cleanliness. However, they should be cleaned on a timely basis to prevent allergens and to keep the spaces free of hazards, so call Hy5 on 01229 588556 to get your free no obligation quote.

Cleaning these types of spaces are not typical of the household cleanup procedures most cleaning companies are used to. Home cleaning can be completed with mild products as the home is maintained by the same people everyday. Industrial spaces are where many people walk through often leaving germs and forms of bacteria that are not healthy for humans.

With industrial cleaning, certain procedures must be followed. That’s why it’s so important that professionals handle these kinds of jobs. Industrial spaces become hazardous for employees as there are gasses, fumes, smoke and dust all around. This is likely the result of a poorly maintained zone at will put workers at risk.


Why Use a Professional Industrial Cleaning Service?

It is vital to any industry that a space is clean and healthy to protect its workers and those that visit. An accident, injury or breakout could be costly and negatively affect the business. To avoid this from happening, one should invest in a professional service such as Hy5’s Industrial Cleaning. They know that any equipment should be included in a regular maintenance program or a scheduled cleaning program. In most cases, it will save the business owner money by preventing breakdowns and production loss.

Cleaning and sanitising are probably the two most crucial points in running a particular business. Procedures are set for handling precious equipment, walls, ceilings, refrigeration units, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, lighting, and so on. You should know the difference between generalised cleanliness (sanitising), sterilising and disinfecting.

• Sanitising – Reduces microorganisms to a safe level for the public
• Sterilising – Destroys and removes all living organisms
• Disinfecting – Eliminates vegetative cells

Hy5’s industrial cleaning services are knowledgeable experts that know which chemicals to use where and when. Some cleaning agents are highly toxic and should not be used when people with asthma or respiratory conditions are present, Hy5 has over 10 years’ experience so you will be in safe hands.

Hy5 industrial cleaning staff are prepared to work around the clock in case of an emergency or to prevent a shutdown that could cost your company dearly in downtime. Our plan of attack is specifically designed to match your businesses need.


Industrial Warehouse Cleaning UK

Hy5 takes pride in having over 10 years specialist knowledge of cleaning industrial companies from large plant operations to manufacturing warehouses. Interior and exterior spaces receive the same amount of attention as the equipment and machines that are used. You may call on us as a one-time service or schedule a regular interval maintenance program for –

• Vacant or abandoned buildings
• Ships or vessels
• Construction sites
• Storage facilities
• Warehouses
• Steam cleaning-maintenance
• Ductwork
• Pipeline
• Drainage
• Closures/shutdowns


Our staff are fully insured and trained in all industrial cleaning. Hy5 will be on time and work within your budget. We are sure that we will exceed your expectations. Give us a call on 01229 588556. It’s what we’re here for.

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