It’s pretty clear that there are some people in this world that just have what it takes to get the job done – and it’s also pretty clear that if one of those people says you should do something – you should heed their advice – no arguments… and if it’s Mr. T, then you should get to it double-quick!

Mr. T and Hy5 – the perfect match?

With this in mind, Hy5 Cleaning have posted a hysterical promo video on their Facebook Page featuring the inimitable Mr. T in all his glory, letting everyone know just how good their cleaning services are! No arguments fool!

As “celebrity endorsements” go – it’s a good one. T, dressed in usual uniform of red T-Shirt, dungarees (they’re not exactly in right now- but would you be the one to tell him) and enough gold jewellery to sink a ship, goes on to recommend Hy5 for commercial cleaning in Cumbria , elaborating that since he has the greatest brain in the world (“it’s been proven by science fool!”), and since Hy5 can clean even the most ingrained carpet dirt, you should “quit your jibber jabber” and get in touch with Hy5 RIGHT NOW!

Hy5 Commercial Cleaning gets the job done

It’s certainly true that Hy5 have the ability to clean even the muckiest and smelliest of carpets, with years of experience behind them. They cover all over Cumbria too – and whilst they don’t arrive in an A-Team style van, they’re the proud owners of the most advanced truck mounted carpet cleaning system in the area. In addition to carpet washing and cleaning, they also provide a steam cleaning service, perfect for carpets and upholstery. Is there nothing these guys can’t do?

As you’d expect from the market leaders in carpet cleaning in Cumbria, their customer service is second to none too, and although they like to have fun, they take their carpet cleaning very seriously indeed- ensuring that stubborn stains and foul odours are removed… well, as fast as Mr. T can utter one of his famous catchphrases!

It’s plain to see that Hy5 are THE go-to commercial carpet and upholstery cleaners in Cumbria – celebrity endorsements or not – and whilst we look forward to seeing more from Hy5’s “celebrity” clientele, we “pity the fool” that doesn’t pick up the phone to get in touch with Keith and the team for their commercial carpet cleaning needs!

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