Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and the Law

There are few industries where cleanliness is so important as in food service and catering. Because of the high level of risk that poor practices and contamination pose to customers where food is concerned, the commercial kitchen is a workplace bound by an extensive and wide-ranging set of health and safety regulation. These laws cover matters of cleanliness and hygiene, along with other safety concerns involved in the running of a kitchen such as the presence of knives and hot objects.

Dangers of a Poorly-Cleaned Commercial Kitchens

The most important danger of not maintaining acceptable standards of hygiene and cleanliness in a commercial kitchen is that this will cause customers to get ill. Indeed, this hazard is the reason that health and safety laws for kitchen cleanliness are so stringent. Even if you were to leave aside how deeply unpleasant this is for the customer in question, you would still be left with the danger of legal action, hefty penalties, and your fitness to continue trading being called into question.
Even if no customers get sick, businesses that are caught maintaining unacceptable standards of cleanliness in their kitchens still face hefty penalties. Authorities regularly carry out in-depth inspections and unannounced spot checks of businesses, so avoiding detection can be much more difficult than simply hiring a specialist, thorough cleaning service to ensure that high standards are maintained.

Legal Requirements Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

As well as the general requirement that commercial kitchens be kept clean enough to meet the standards set by authorities and avoid presenting a health risk, there are a few specific requirements that businesses must adhere to. By law, businesses that prepare food as part of their operations must have cleaning protocols in place to ensure that proper standards are maintained on a continuous basis. Furthermore, the law requires that a professional, thorough clean of the kitchen is carried out every six months. This kind of clean is extremely thorough, and covers every aspect of a kitchen including surfaces, floors, appliances, and often ventilation systems. As well as being carried out twice a year, a deep clean like this is strongly recommended if you are taking over a new kitchen or if the kitchen has been out of use.
On the subject of ventilation systems, these are an easy aspect of the kitchen to forget but it is important not to ignore them. As well as the potential for hygiene concerns, build-up of grease in kitchen ducting can reduce the effectiveness of the ventilation system and even become a severe fire hazard. Most insurance companies won’t pay out if the ventilation system hasn’t been regularly cleaned by a specialist deep cleaning company like Hy5 Commercial Cleaning. If you want more information on commercial kitchen cleaning or commercial kitchen duct cleaning, follow these links.
Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Ltd can provide a variety of kitchen cleaning services, helping you to meet and exceed your legal obligations and ensure that your customers are safe at all times. We offer a five-star cleaning service, and we work around your opening times to ensure that disruption is minimised with even the most thorough of full commercial kitchen cleans. We can provide regular cleaning services, one-off or repeat-scheduled deep steam cleans, and specialist services such as kitchen vent cleaning. To find out more or to talk about how we can meet the specific cleaning needs of your business, please contact us on 01229 588556.

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