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It seems like cleaning companies are popping up everywhere.  While it’s true you have numerous choices when it comes to commercial cleaning services, we at Hy5 should be your first choice, call us now on 01229 588556 for a free no obligation quote.  Hy5 provides the community with expert commercial cleaning whether it’s a storefront business, a large government facility, a small business venture or a popular restaurant.  We have professional cleaning teams to clear all evidence of messes and return spaces back to immaculate condition at reasonable prices.


Your employees work extra hard, keeping the business running smoothly.  Let us take care of the rest.  The staff at Hy5 will take care of the vacuuming, dusting, mopping, even sanitising and cleaning public restrooms.  Hy5 will help restore your office or retail space to a state that is attractive and clean.


You see, a clean environment and atmosphere improves productivity while it impresses your clientele or customers.  There is more to complete cleaning than just dusting and wiping down counter tops.  We also know that products containing parabens can cause cancer.


Benefits of Employing Hy5 for UK Commercial Cleaning

  • Advanced cleaning standards and equipment
  • Dependable service and trained technicians
  • Superior chemicals for deep cleaning
  • Scheduled cleaning times
  • One time cleaning and emergency services


Our technicians are fully trained for specific areas.  They receive top supervision, quality equipment and effective and appropriate products.  We know that some commercial style cleaning supplies can cause respiratory problems, headaches and other allergic reactions.  For those reasons, Hy5’s staff have available all natural cleaning products or Green supplies.  On top of that, our staff goes through thorough clean-up procedures and safety programs necessary to handle each cleaning detail of any building.


Why Choose Hy5 for Commercial Cleaning

Hy5 receives its 5 star rating because we combine professionalism with versatility.  We are able to meet the needs of the customer.  Hy5 cover’s it all –

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Dental offices
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Correctional facilities
  • Educational centers
  • Convention centers
  • Retail stores


When you have a need for a janitorial service, disaster restoration or a specialised cleaning service, give Hy5 a call.


Caring For Your Restaurant

When your customers walk into your favourite eatery, they look to receive not only mouth-watering dishes, but they deserve to eat at a place that’s clean from top to bottom.  This is critical to the reputation of your establishment.  How a restaurant owner keeps his or her building tells a lot about the type of people who work there and what kind of food they will receive.  One of the keys to keep them coming back is to provide them will a spotless atmosphere.


The kitchen staff works to serve the customer quality food and mainly completes surface cleaning.  Some tasks are done daily while detailed cleaning should be completed weekly or on a monthly basis.  Our experts will clean and sanitise food preparation areas, sweep/mop kitchen floors, storage rooms (walk-in coolers), dining room and bathrooms.  In addition, the walls and ceilings need cleaning as well.  They tend to hold odours, especially the bad ones.


Cleaning Medical Facilities

Cleaning medical facilities covers more than making the floors look shiny and pretty.  There are guidelines and rules to cleaning healthcare facilities and hospitals and Hy5 respects this.  Some of us do not even know there’s a difference between a product that disinfects and a product that cleans.


A product such as Lysol is suppose to disinfect or kill germs, while a bottle of an all-purpose cleaner loosens dirt.  The common brands bought in department stores are not commercial strength products.  Hy5 uses both – an all-purpose cleaner and a disinfectant to clean and sanitise your hospital or clinic.  We select the right crew and the right products to meet governing guidelines.


Office Building Commercial Cleaning UK

Normally, cleaning takes place after business hours.  As a business owner, you are in control of how you run your business right down to the cleaning procedures and the times when the cleaning crew comes in.  Hy5 is flexible because we know not every business operates within a 9-5 schedule and that disasters can happen in the middle of the night.


Scheduling a time during operating hours will save you money.  We will be on-site and available if any special needs should arise.  You will see how your dollar is spent as our team does more than just take out the trash and wipe down obvious spaces.   When we say your office is clean, you will be able to go over spaces that most services overlook with a white glove.  It won’t just smell clean, it will be clean!


Affordable Prices

Hy5 seeks to provide the most efficient and most cost-effective commercial cleaning service.  Our prices are affordable, but we do not sacrifice quality.  Our staff will go over pricing before the job starts, therefore you will know exactly what to expect each and every time.



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