A contract cleaning service needs to be thorough and reliable in order to maintain the standards of cleanliness and hygiene that many workplaces need. Many companies rely on cleaning not just to keep the working environment pleasant, but to healthy, safe, and free from legal liabilities. As such, when looking for any cleaning company, and especially one you intend to form a contractual relationship.

The Importance of Contract Cleaning

Commercial and industrial premises need to have regular, scheduled cleaning arrangements in place. The bustle of modern business means that workplaces tend to get dirty quickly. This is not a good way to maintain a pleasant working environment, which in turn is not good for productivity. Even more importantly, in many workplaces poor cleanliness can create hygiene and safety concerns. This, in turn, can lead to serious legal liability, raising the risk of breaching health and safety law which can have serious financial and reputational consequences.
This is why a regular and ongoing cleaning arrangement is necessary, whether it’s office cleaning or anindustrial workplace that requires a more niche set of skills. Rather than go through the administrative difficulties of hiring in-house staff many companies choose to contract with an external service provider. This can be a great solution, but you need to know that the company you contract with for your commercial or industrial cleaning needs is one that you can rely on to provide a reliable, high-quality and thorough cleaning service that will properly mitigate the risks involved with poor or irregular cleaning.


A Superior Contract Cleaning Service From Hy5

Any good, worthwhile contract cleaning service should be able to provide dependable and thorough cleaning. Mediocre and poor-quality services will not only leave the workplace unclean but potentially miss crucial safety or hygiene risks. A superior cleaning service, however, will go beyond this. The best cleaning companies will be able to leave your premises spotless, with the equipment and expertise to tackle all of the challenges at hand even if your particular industry or workplace carries difficult or specialist cleaning needs.
Hy5 Commercial Cleaning Ltd has more than ten years experience as industrial, commercial and office cleaners under contract to a range of discerning clients. We have skilled staff and an extensive, up-to-the-minute collection of general and specialist cleaning equipment for every kind of task. We provide a regular, “everyday” cleaning service along with a range of difficult and specialist services which many of our competitors just don’t have the means to carry out.
We are fully-insured and pride ourselves on having built a strong reputation based on the thoroughness and reliability of the professional contract cleaning service we provide. For more information about our portfolio of cleaning services, to discuss the needs of your premises and how we can help with them, or to get a free no-obligation quote for your workplace, please give us a call and one of our advisers will be happy to help.

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